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[Revit Training Course]


Everything you need to know to be a confident Revit user taking on any project size. We will create multiple projects learn all the tools as we progress, create families from scratch, cover design options, project phasing, work-sharing, and much more.
This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know within 23 hours focusing on useability and not a comprehensive reference manual. We will cover the most crucial components, enabling you to begin modeling without delay. All video lessons are edited to distil the most valuable information and designed to respect your time. Every video has been named and categorised so you can easily refer back to a video with ease.

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23 hours





prior knowledge.


required version.


what is included with this course.

Exceptional Quality

11 Projects

3 Quizzes & a Final Exam

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Licensed Professional

Lauren Greene

“I got a job in an architecture firm where they only use Revit. I took this course in one week before my first day and I was ready! I actually had a better understanding of Revit than some of my managers. This course helps you understand everything you need to know to begin, so within a month at my new job, building on what I learned here, I was the firm's Revit expert and people were coming to me with questions!"


01 / getting started.

05 / advancing the project.

introduction to the course,

understanding the terminology and BIM,

how to correctly download and install the software. 

02 / establishing our skills.

beginning with the interface,

setting up the project,

modeling walls,

modification tools,

datum levels.

03 / beginning our first project.

setting up our first project,

door component,

window component,

modeling a floor by boundary,

modeling a roof by footprint,

modeling roof by extrusion and work planes,

roof construction,

how to model the structure. 

04 / creating the main project.

starting the main project,

creating the project wall type,

stacked walls,

adding the new wall type,

adding the roof type,

adding doors and windows,

modeling curtain walls,

adding floors to the project,

view range,

modeling a ceiling by boundary,

section box and displace element,

placing stair by component,

modeling stair by sketch,

modeling railings,

conceptual mass,

applying conceptual mass to the project,

working with families and parameters,

in-depth creation of a family,

creating materials,

modeling the site and topography,

modeling the site using Toposolid *2024

finalising the project.

annotation tags,
area plans,
creating elevations for building documentation,
creating a section view for building documentation,
creating a callout for building documentation,
creating 2D renders,
sun settings and shadows,
generating a video walkthrough,
creating schedules for building documentation,
creating a material take-off sheet,
creating a door and window legend,
working with sheets,
setting everything up for print,
linking files.

06 / project management.

view templates,

project templates,

project phasing,

design options,

worksharing without the cloud or a server,

worksharing on the cloud or server.

07 / test your knowledge.

1 final exam with 40 questions,

3 quizzes with 68 questions.

revit terminology

01 / getting started.

understanding the terminology and BIM

The purpose of this video is to introduce you to basic terms related to construction, Revit, and BIM. Throughout the course, I'll be using these terms, so by the end of the video, you'll be familiar with this language.

professional outcomes.

here are five professional outcomes or skills that you can expect to gain from your course

01 / Proficiency in Autodesk Revit.

you will develop a strong understanding of the software's interface, tools, and functionalities, enabling you to efficiently navigate and utilize Revit for various architectural, engineering, and construction projects.

02 / Building Information Modeling (BIM) expertise.

the course will equip you with comprehensive knowledge of BIM principles and practices using Autodesk Revit. you will learn how to create and manage intelligent 3D models, incorporating architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems.

03 / Project Collaboration and Coordination.

you will learn how to collaborate effectively with other professionals involved in a project. you will gain insights into sharing and linking Revit models, coordinating design changes, and managing conflicts through effective communication and collaboration workflows.

04 / Advanced Modeling and Visualization Techniques.

the course will cover advanced modeling techniques, including creating parametric families, using advanced geometry tools, and implementing advanced visualization methods such as rendering, walkthroughs, and flyovers. you will learn how to enhance your design presentations and create visually compelling representations of your projects.

05 / Documentation and Construction Documentation.

the course emphasizes the importance of accurate and comprehensive documentation in the design and construction process. you will learn how to generate construction drawings, schedules, and other essential documentation directly from the Revit model, streamlining the documentation process and ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the project lifecycle.

these outcomes and skills will enable you to confidently apply your knowledge of Autodesk Revit across various industries, enhancing your professional capabilities and career prospects.

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