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This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Worksharing and Worksets, focusing on the useability and not a comprehensive reference manual. We will cover the most crucial components, enabling you to begin without delay. All video lessons are edited to distil the most valuable information and designed to respect your time. Every video has been named and categorised so you can easily refer back to a video with ease.






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01 / Worksharing Strategies.

Here are five professional outcomes or skills that you can expect to gain from your course

You will develop a comprehensive understanding of worksharing strategies in Autodesk Revit, including the concept of central files, local files, and synchronizing changes. You will learn how to set up and manage worksharing environments effectively, enabling multiple team members to collaborate on the same project simultaneously.

02 / Collaboration Workflows.

The course will cover various collaboration workflows in Revit, such as creating and managing worksets, assigning elements to worksets, and coordinating work between different disciplines. You will gain insights into best practices for efficient collaboration, minimizing conflicts, and maximizing productivity in multi-user environments.

03 / Conflict Resolution.

You will learn techniques for identifying and resolving conflicts that arise during the collaborative design process. You will understand how to use Revit's tools and features to detect and manage conflicts, such as element borrowing, element ownership, and conflict resolution strategies.

04 / Model Coordination and Communication.

The course will emphasize the importance of model coordination and effective communication in collaborative projects. You will gain skills in coordinating different design disciplines, managing linked models, and establishing clear communication channels between team members. You will learn how to utilize Revit's collaboration tools, such as the Communicator and Review features, to streamline coordination efforts.

05 / Best Practices for Worksharing Performance.

The course will provide you with insights into optimizing worksharing performance in Revit. You will learn techniques for managing large projects efficiently, reducing file size, improving file performance, and utilizing Revit server or cloud-based collaboration platforms effectively. You will gain skills in implementing industry best practices to ensure smooth and efficient worksharing experiences.

By acquiring these outcomes and skills, you will become proficient in worksharing, collaboration, and worksets in Autodesk Revit. You will be equipped to effectively contribute to collaborative design projects, improve productivity, and minimize conflicts, ultimately enhancing your professional capabilities in the field of BIM and architectural design.



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worksharing without the cloud or internal server

worksharing on the cloud or internal server

01 / worksharing.

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